Alternative Music

Everything About Alternative Music – The History, How It Sounds, And The Genre It Belongs

Music will always be a part of our lives. It can evoke different kinds of emotions. Whether we want to relax, feel happy, or to brighten up our days, music will be there with us. Alternative music has always been a favorite of many music enthusiasts. But do we really understand what alternative music is all about? Let’s go ahead and find out.

What Is Alternative Music?

Alternative music can be separated into different genres. It’s important that we know how to differentiate each one of them to understand what it’s all about easily. To give us an idea, here are the genres that alternative music belong to:

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Alternative Rock

Alternative rock music is a specific genre of rock music. This arose from the underground music scene in the early ‘80s and became very popular worldwide in the ‘90s. Its name “alternative” was coined in the ‘80s, and this is to describe the punk rock-inspired bands that did not fit into the mainstream genres at that time.

Alternative rock, as a genre on its own, has different subgenres that also developed from the independent music scene in the ‘80s. Some of the subgenres include grunge, gothic rock, indie pop, and Britpop. Even though alternative music is considered ‘Rock,’ some of the subgenres are also influenced by folk music, electronic music, reggae, and jazz.

Alternative Dance

This is the term used for the music genre that combines the elements of dance (pop) and alternative rock genre like the indie pop. Alternative dance music is usually electronic with programmed drumbeatsfrom drum machines and drum loops that are sequenced with synthesizer melodies. This makes it similar to commercial dance pop. The indie element is usually in the songwriting part. Unlike other dance music, alternative dance has lyrics.

Alternative Metal

This is an eclectic music form that became very popular in the early ‘90s. This became well known alongside grunge. Most of the time, this is described as the fusion of heavy (metal) and alternative (rock). This is characterized by heavy metal trappings like heavy riffs and some experimental edge. This also includes lyrics and an unusual technique.

Alternative Hip-Hop

Alternative Hip-Hop

This is a genre defined in different ways. This refers to Hip-Hop groups who do not want to be part of the traditional stereotypes like rap, bass, party rap, or hardcore. They blur other genres and are drawn equally from funk and pop rock as well as jazz, reggae, and soul.

Alternative Country

This includes subgenres like country music that is comparable with the mainstream pop country. This is usually characterized by its uniqueness. For example, when the musician plays a type of country music that is different from the trend, it’s called ‘alternative country.’ In the ‘90s, the alternative was referred to as a diverse group of singers and musicians that operate outside the tradition and the industry mainstream.

Now that you know what alternative music is all about, you can share what you know with others. If you get confused, go back to this simple guide to refresh your memory about alternative music and its genres.