Safe on Instagram

Make Sure you are Safe on Instagram

With millions and millions of users, it is safe to assume that not everyone on instagram is a good person. Protect yourself from stalkers, hunters and trolls. Here are some things to keep in mind so that your actions on social networks are safe.

Remember that what happens online remains online.

The only thing you never want to forget about instagram and the Internet in general is what happens on the Internet, stays online in general. Do not say, do not shows or do anything on instagram that you consider personal, or that later may cause problems. And since you are not the only one who can share information about you on the Internet, you should also be careful who you interact with (both in the real world and in the virtual world) and what they can do with the information they receive.

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Control your profile Information and visibility

Your instagram profile allows you to tell a lot about yourself. Remembering that everything you publish on the Internet can never be removed, you will first want to publish only a little information about yourself. You can gradually add to this, but always remember: too little is better than too much on instagram. You can use your real name (if you’re not a fugitive or something), so that people find you anyway. Some interests and central connections are also good. But do not post confidential information such as your address, telephone number or primary email address. If someone wants to contact you, you can use instagram. Make a careful decision about each one. If in doubt, make it private and protect yourself from Instagram hacking.

Forget about instagram places

There is absolutely no reason why you should tell people where you are when you are in a particular place. Do not associate your status updates with specific places you go, at least until you leave. Letting people know where you are at all times is a danger. If you really want people to know where you are, call them or send a message, and only those who really need to know.

Crop list of friends

You don’t need thousands of friends on instagram. Shorten your list from time to time. Eliminate the one you really don’t need. Most likely, many people on your list are not friends in real life. These are also people you probably don’t trust. If you cut your list of friends to include only the people you care about, then everything you share on instagram will be much safer.