Looking for Hurricane Proof Windows in Lee County FL? Here You Go!

Hurricane windows are designed to be stronger and more resistant to intense weather than ordinary glass windows. A durable hurricane glass, also known as laminated glass, is placed in the of normal window glass place of standard window glass, a durable hurricane glass, also known as laminated glass, is placed. Hurricane glass is made to resist high winds while also guarding against flying debris. If you are someone looking for hurricane proof windows in Lee County, FL, this is the article for you!

What is a hurricane-proof window?

Impact-resistant glass with a coating of polyvinyl butyl or ethylene-vinyl ester is used in windows labeled as storm or storm-proof. While this effect-resistant glass will most likely shatter if struck by a flying item, it will usually remain connected to the inner part and window frame. A hurricane-resistant, storm-proof window’s frame might be made of aluminum or steel, vinyl, or wood, much like any other window. Typically, hurricane-resistant windows are made with specially treated glass that is less prone to fracture and break free from the window screen during a strong windstorm.


Although you might think that the major benefit of non-breaking thunderstorm-resistant windows is that they keep water out of your home, the real benefit is structural. Maintaining the integrity of the windows and doors, as well as limiting these air density shifts, can rescue a home from a catastrophic collapse. Hurricane-resistant glasses can add to the overall cost of building, but they provide excellent protection during storms. By minimizing storm damage, the expenditure may pay on its own, and it may also entitle you to lower homes insurance rates.

When you opt to put impact glass, you must replace existing windows; there is no covering that can provide the same level of protection over the existing glass. Utility expenses may quickly add up, especially in Florida during the summer. While there are methods to improve the energy efficiency of your regular windows, they are rarely as efficient as replacing your conventional glass and loose framing with more insulated, stiffer hurricane window panes.

Final words

We hope this article helped you understand how to getHurricane Proof Windows in Lee County FL.