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Pick Good Pet-Friendly Hotels

Picking a good hotel that is pet friendly is more challenging than you would think. To find the best place, you need to remember the type of traveler you are and what kind of pet you bring. Doing so is easier than ever to find a great hotel.


Is your traveling for business or pleasure? Is your dog like a companion or your primary pet? Finding an inexpensive hotel with both an outdoor area for pets and an indoor playroom for pups can be challenging. This can be especially hard when booking online and doing so multiple months in advance.


It’s essential to keep in mind the location of the hotel. Unless you have a dog like a Saint Bernard who will nap on a cement floor all day, staying in an area that doesn’t offer fresh air is no longer needed. If you splurge on one thing, it should ensure your pet can get some fresh air and exercise while staying in the hotel.


If you are more of the business type, then getting an actual roof over your head is most important where finding a good room is what matters most. This can make it difficult to choose between quality and quantity when looking for pets friendly hotels online.


The best way to avoid extra stress before and during your trip is to make sure you do some research before booking. If necessary, check out local listings for other hotels but book directly with the hotel you are most interested in using. Even if this means booking months in advance, it’s worth the extra cost if it means avoiding any problems later on.


Now that you have done your homework and found some pet friendly hotels vail near your destination, it’s time to give them a call and find out more information. Ask about what services they offer your pet, including whether or not they have an outdoor play area or a dog park nearby. Ask about their discounted rates and other incentives, such as free meals or group discounts.

hiking vailRemember, the last thing you want to do is leave your pet at home when you travel. So make sure that you ask about the places they have in mind for them to stay (like a kennel) so that they aren’t stuck inside with too many other people’s pets.


Along with asking questions, it’s also essential to request a pet agreement before you arrive at the hotel. This will give you peace of mind and make sure your pet stays safe and happy during your stay. With this in hand, you can ensure that your dog doesn’t get into any messes; if they do, the hotel will take care of it. Feel free to ask for help before or during your stay.


Once you have arrived at the hotel, check out the grounds to make sure there are plenty of places they can run around and enjoy themselves. If dogs are allowed in an outdoor area, then make sure that there is a gate or other means of keeping your pet from running away. Generally speaking, dogs will stick close to home if given a chance.