What Are Kendama Knots And Why Is It Popular Among Kids?

Kendama Strings are made up of top-quality braided nylon. All strings are approximately 22in (560mm) in length and produced exclusively for Kendamas. They are resilient with the perfect balance of bounce and sturdiness.

The Kendama is formed from the ‘Ken’ (handle) and, therefore, the ‘Tama’ (ball) connected by a string. Also, Kendamas are so popular because they provide students with how to precise their personalities through differently designed tamas and artistic tricks. This was especially useful in their rise to popularity back in 2012.

Who invented kendama?

While many various theories exist, records are indicating that kendama originated in France within the sixteenth century. There also are theories that this game was developed in Greece or China, and therefore the absolute truth isn’t known. In France, this game was called bilboquet.

What is a kendama used for?

This stylish Kendama is a remarkably addictive wooden skill toy that comes from Japan. It strengthens hand-eye coordination, balance, and reflex. They are often played by young and old alike. Babies use it so that their eye and ear coordination gets better, and they have a sense of concentration.

String Lengths

One should be careful with the type of string lengths. There are various string lengths, and you should choose the right one so that the ball lands in the right place. One should test the product beforehand and not after buying it from the market place.

Extra Long

  • Long String
  • Medium String
  • Short string
  • Tiny string

Kendama Knot are trendy among kids. However, toddlers shouldn’t have a pointy end which might be dangerous as they might hurt themselves. Kids within the age of 5 to 10 can play with this as it helps with concentration.