Who doesn’t want to improve the overall accuracy and precision of their automatic pistols or the mostly preferred, semi automatic pistol also known as glock? Sights are a good way to enhance this accuracy, range and reliability. You could either do this with the help of a day vision enhancing sight or you might be looking for the best pistol night sights for night vision. There are various brands and different types of sights in the market made for pistols as well as glocks. Each of these are different from each other in their functionality and quality. To choose the right sight from all these options can be intimidating. So to help you along, here is a list of things you need to keep in mind before choosing the right sight for your glock.

Most of these sights available in the market are universal, meaning that they go with every type of automatic pistol. Their mechanism is pretty simple including a dovetail held together by screws and pins that can be mounted on any gun.

However there are other types of sights available as well.

  • All black sights
  • Colored sights
  • Sights with inserts
  • Low profile sights

All of these offer their own strategical as well as tactical benefits. Although you also have to take into account factors like wind speed, temperature and elevation which can allow you to make the best and accurate shot in all situations.

Other factors that need to be considered before investing in a sight are as follows,

  • Front sight profile
  • Front sight width
  • Fibre optic
  • Tritium
  • Rear sights
  1. Front sight profile

 Most sight profiles are in the semi-ramp style profile where the face of the blade faces away from the shooter. This is the best kind of design as it is the best way to reduce snag profile without messing up the sight.

  1. Front sight width

 The width of the sight helps in determining the accuracy and speed of a shot. Sights come in different widths, but you must look for a shorter width as it helps in long range shooting. The most common sight width which is factory installed in most glocks is that of .125” which provides best in terms of speed and accuracy.

  1. Fibre optic

 With the best fibre optics, there are many advantages such as the fact that they don’t wash out in light making it easy to use in the sunny days. It has a red dot that is easily visible whether its day or night making the shot more clean and accurate.

  1. Tritium

 This is another type of sight that allows you to align three dots for maximum precision in your shots. These come in the form of inserts that can be changed and also used during the day time as they are equally visible in the dark as well as light.

These are all the types of sights from which you can choose according to your need, whether you want better night vision, better accuracy, range or long distance shots.