Why You Should Plant Asparagus Crowns In The Fall?


Asparagus is a consumable healthy vegetable recognized for its long-spear and pointy shape. Preparation of the meal using it is by grilling, steaming, or roasting. Growing it in the garden requires patience as it can take 3-4 years to produce an edible spear.  It is advisable that you should plant asparagus crowns in the fall because of the cool temperature. The plant can grow as male/female or all male.

Growing of asparagus

Start the patch by plating crowns. Crowns are a year-old, a single root system replanted for starting a new patch. Otherwise, plant seeds, but this method is slower and less successful. Start planting crowns in spring as there is less possibility of frost. It will give time to build strength as established through the warm season.

Steps for planting

  • Dig the bed at least 1 foot to 8 inches deep so that crowns can be next to each other in a row. People can even lay out a circle-shaped bed.
  • The size of the bed depends on the number of crowns that a person wants to plant. Each plant crown should be at a one-foot distance from each other.
  • Add compost or fertilizer to the bed and work in the ruts when planting the crowns.
  • Lay the root mass lengthwise while planting in the rut. Take care of the crown that it will plant faced up.
  • Cover the crown with a thick layer of soil in their bed or ruts. The plant crown must lie between one foot and 6 inches below the soil surface.
  • Water is the most necessary step. Give deep watering after planting the first asparagus crown. Water sporadically throughout the first season especially, during the dry periods.
  • Mulch over the patch after watering with a thick layer of straw or any organic matter. It adds nutrition, moisture retention, protection from cold weather, and reduction of weeds.


Watch the growing of plants in the first season because you should plant asparagus crowns in the fall to grow them successfully. Maintain and manage the plants to get flourish asparagus.